About Us

Mission Statement:

To bring low cost, premium quality, broadband service to the rural areas of Minnesota. To make high quality cutting edge technology available and affordable to all communities, Police, Fire, and EMS.

We became aware, in the fall of 2005, that our neighbors were unable to obtain high speed Internet. We decided to set up a small home network and share our service with our neighbors. We could not do this with our existing service because they do not allow sharing your service in the contract, so the idea of starting our own Neighborhood Internet Service was begun. We have been working on this project since November of 2005. Our neighbors now have high speed Internet Freedom that soars with the Eagles so they are done roosting with the Buzzards. We are now ready to expand our service to more distant neighbors who are looking for a better Internet service, hence our name A Better Wireless.

A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC is a locally owned family business, owned and operated by the Koep and Anderson Families, from Ottertail County. We invite you to review our service packages and find one that fits your needs or contact us to customize one for you.

Come and join our neighborhood and you too will soar with the eagles.