To connect to our Internet Service, a small radio antenna combination unit may be mounted on your structure, depending on your location. This antenna is aligned to our tower. The radios operate at 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz, and 900 MHz, depending on your location. These radios do not interfere with your AM/FM radio, television, or cell phone signals. The radio is attached to your computer using a cat5 networking cable. If you have multiple computers the radio is attached to a router. Each of your computers will be connected to the router, either by wireless networking, or using traditional networking cables. To connect to the Internet you simply open your web browser. Best of all, the Internet does not tie up your phone line! Your connection to the Internet remains on constantly, with all your computers being able to use the Internet at the same time without having to type a username or password.

Things that can inhibit your ability to receive the Internet include terrain, High voltage power lines in close proximity to your house, or if your house is in a low area. In very rare cases cordless telephones that operate at the same frequency as our equipment can cause interference. This only applies to cordless phones that operate in the same band, and use Spread Spectrum Modulation. In these rare cases, you can usually program your telephone to work on a different channel, to avoid the interference.

Our service uses state of the art encryption via a security server. This assures that everything you do is completely private, and only available to you. Wireless networking technology has recently become a target for hackers, and people who want to get FREE Internet by pirating the airwaves. Rest assured you are protected by state of the art encryption to prevent you from becoming a target. For added security, we recomend purchasing a router/firewall. This adds additional protection for your computer from all unauthorized use, and provides you the ability to network as many computers as you choose at your locations.

Our service can be tailored to your special requirements. For special applications contact us to discuss and design a service for you. At A Better Wireless, we are here to make sure you get the most of your Internet Freedom.

Installation Fee:

The technician will test first to insure a quality signal and see if additional equipment is required. Then go over the install with you prior to beginning any work to make sure there is no surprise additional costs such as tripod, pipe, or special installation requirements.

Basic Install   $86.60